Jevien Faction

A group of specialists who come from all walks of life. These assassins are not above killing their own, as long as the price is high enough. Their skills with blades are unmatched, but the real killing strike is their sniping expertise. Deception is the name of the game, are their holding all the cards…


JEVIEN_General  JEVIEN_Captain  JEVIEN_LieutenantJEVIEN_MajorJEVIEN_Private


Defensive Parasitic

Siren, Bring back the dead
(can use other dead players).

ECLIPTIC_general  ECLIPTIC_Captain  ECLIPTIC_Lieutenant  ECLIPTIC_Major  ECLIPTIC_Private

Ecliptic Faction

This faction as a cult, developed the ability to use the dead as a weapon. Having use of nanotechnology they can reanimate fallen bodies, temporarily. These rifle bearing warriors can decimate a field of enemies, with their own men no less. Resembling necromancers, these aliens make our zombie nightmares…into a reality.


Dominate Leader

Wants to control the galaxy

Zulkaz Faction

Power is all that matters for these spartans of the stars. Their lust for power is what drives them to bring the galaxy to their knees. All around warrior with weapon expertise that excell most races. The armor bore on these gladiators is stained with the many that have fallen before there.






REGICIDE_General          REGICIDE_Captain           REGICIDE_Lieutenant           REGICIDE_Major            REGICIDE_Private

Regicide Faction

Created through collected intergalactic waste, these animalistic glowing mutants are capable of highly volatile self destruction. Their main mission is the complete destruction of all things. They resemble the Earth’s locusts, come in fast and devour all, as a horde…



GLYSTRON_General     GLYSTRON_Captain       GLYSTRON_Lieutenant      GLYSTRON_Major      GLYSTRON_Private

Glystron Faction

As the leaders in an assembled galactic alliance, these heros are the sole protectors of humanity. They are well versed in all levels of military combat & weapon knowledge. They believe through teamwork and a strong will, will overpower all that strike fear in the defenceless…


Arcturus Faction

Also known as the Merciless Titans, this group is renown for its overpowering defences. With this faction, their lust for battle is just as ruthless as their arsenal. Rocket launchers gatling guns, they have all the big toys. These brutes will mow you over…


ARCTURUS_General     ARCTURUS_Captain      ARCTURUS_Lieutenant     ARCTURUS_Major    ARCTURUS_Private

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